Isabel Kosar

Pink is the New Black

Isabel Kosar

...Okay, that may be a lie. But experimenting with colors every once in awhile is always fun! Especially when you have amazing views to work with. 


I have been really into pink this year, which really differs from my regular black and grey. When I buy statement pieces like this, I'm usually not willing to pay a huge amount of money for the item because it doesn't act as an investment piece for me! My pink pants from Zara are SO comfy and made from a silk material. My pink coat is from a little boutique here in Italy (my favorite type of shop!) and I have practically lived in it these past few months. The sherpa trend is huge this year and I decided I wanted to stray from the typical black and get a bright pink one instead. I love the warmth and comfort of it.


Here's to more bright colors and experimenting with trends in 2018!