Isabel Kosar

36 hours in Budapest

Isabel Kosar

I'm quickly learning that the travels to reach the actual destination each weekend can be more tiring than exploring the actual city itself. This weekend, in order to get to Budapest, I had to take a train from Florence to Venice and then a taxi to the Venice airport where we then flew to Budapest. Normally, this would have been slightly irritating and tiring, but walking straight off the train into the heart of Venice was AMAZING. My jaw dropped at the picturesque city I had just stepped into. We only had an hour to explore Venice before we had to leave for the flight, but I am already planning a trip back. 

When we arrived in Budapest, it was super cloudy and cold. I met a few of my best friends from high school there, so the weather did not bother us at all and we decided to make the most out of the weekend. Since I got there so late Friday night, Saturday was a big day. We walked through the city, ate some amazing food (as usual), took a swim in the infamous baths (I would not recommend btw!!) and went a boozey bike tour which involved all of us pedaling at once while facing each other. I've never laughed harder in my life watching all of us struggle so much. This was definitely the highlight of the weekend.  


I wish I would have had more time in Budapest but was so glad I was able to fit so much into one weekend! Like Prague, Budapest is super affordable and has so many fun things to do. It was so great to be with my friends and experience a little bit of home for 36 hours. I wish we could be together every weekend!