Isabel Kosar

Cinque Terre, Italy

Isabel Kosar

Cinque Terre is another beautiful gem Italy has to offer. There are 5 picturesque towns, hence "Cinque", and I was able to see them all! We stayed in the town Riomaggiore, which was super laid back and tiny, much like the other towns. It was really nice to relax, eat some great seafood and kick off my spring break! 


Since it is off season still, there was not a lot to do in each town but they were all so beautiful it did not really matter. We spent a lot of time walking all over and hiking up super steep stairs to discover the hidden areas of each town. Riomaggiore and Vernazza were my two favorite towns by far, but I'm sure they all offer a lot more during the summer and high seasons! 


I cannot believe I only have about six weeks left in Italy! The time is absolutely flying by and I need it to slooooow down...