Isabel Kosar

Rome, Italy

Isabel Kosar

The first rule of Rome: Don't forget to look up. 

Rome was one of the most amazing and charming cities I've visited yet (I know I say this every time!). I could not even fathom the history and importance behind the art we were seeing and learning about. The detail and thought that goes into all of it is so inspiring and genius. But the ceilings. They are so intricate and breathtaking, I was getting dizzy staring at them all day. This is probably what impressed me most in Rome. 

We were able to see a lot since we went with our program and they set up tours for us, which was great because we really had the chance to understand Rome and its rich history. Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum were very beautiful and even more magnificent in person. Vatican City was pretty stunning as well. 

I have yet to have a bad meal in Italy and Rome definitely met my expectations from a food perspective. I have never eaten so much pasta in my life as I have this semester, but I'm only living in Italy once, right? Might as well take advantage of some authentic Italian pasta!


Until next time, Rome! (Which I'm sure will be soon!)